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Margaret MacDonald: Music

Sans Vie

(Margaret MacDonald)
August 22, 2007
Margaret MacDonald, produced by Richard Temple
Written as the opening theme song to an independent short film due for release in September 2007, the song is about loneliness and isolation and one person trying to reach out to another.
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Sans Vie
© 2006 Margaret MacDonald

Pas besoin [no need]
De s’attacher [to connect]
De se promener [to go out]
D’avoir envie [to long for anything]
On est rien [We are nothing]
Sans se toucher [without each other’s touch]
Sans s’aimer [without each other’s love]
Sans vie [lifeless]

Je t’imagine a travers [I imagine you through…
Ces quatre murs [these four walls]
Ton univers [your universe]
Je te donne la main [I’m giving you my hand…
Que fais-tu [what do you do]
As-tu perdu [have you lost….
L’habitude [the habit] [i.e. have you forgotten how to respond]

Ni emotion [neither emotion…
Ni humanite [nor humanity]
Dans ce monde abandonne [in this abandoned world]
On est seul, habitue [we are alone, used to…
A cette vie desolee [this desolate life]