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Margaret MacDonald: Press

(14 March 2008) Pop/folk singer/songwriter Margaret MacDonald's second album, Rain On The Roof (MMCD2006, 2006), is an eleven track CD that showcases this artist's image-filled lyrics, lush melodies and vocal purity. There are hints of Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan and Joni Mitchell in this mellow collection of songs. Her debut album Other Vistas was released in 2001. She recently wrote and performed the opening theme song (in French) to an independent French film, Sans Vie, released in September 2007. Other film placements are in the works.

Margaret hails from San Francisco and grew up listening to a variety of music, ranging from classical to R&B to folk. She spent fifteen years in the United Kingdom before returning to California, and her music is a conglomeration of all these components. Her songs excel both musically and lyrically, creating the mood for a lovely, relaxing atmosphere. Margaret’s richly textured voice takes you from the amusing James Taylor-esque "Still 21 In My Head" to the aching "Cry For You" and the R&B-tinged ballad, "I Know You Love Me."

While this talented artist performs on piano and vocals (as well as being a producer), credits go to her ensemble of gifted musicians featuring Charles Waltz (fiddler for the Young Dubliners) on violin and Basil Fung (played on Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill) on acoustic guitar and he performs as a solist as well. She collaborated with Los Angeles-based producer Randall Michael Tobin at Theta Sound in Burbank.

"Still 21 In My Head" is the signature song on Margaret album and is one of many songs on the album that resonate with the music-loving public in their thirties and up. This song was recently ranked number one in the all-time most requested song group on an internet station based in Florida. Margaret says, "I'm certainly in that category so I can't help writing music that appeals to this audience. And according to Billboard, a huge percentage of record sales are to people over the age of 35, so I figure there’s room for some new, slightly older talent." Her songs from Rain On The Roof have been featured on internet radio stations such as ArtistFirst Radio, NetteRadio, Pandora and many more.

Margaret MacDonald's music is effortless and soulfully expressive. Her pure tone of voice and simple accompaniment is a pleasure to the senses. There is an honesty to her sound that is down-to-earth and unpretentious. Her storytelling on Rain On The Roof is indicative of her sensitivity and passion for her craft that comes through loud and clear. Simply stated, Margaret MacDonald's music touches the heart. (five stars)
Margaret MacDonald has a big voice, good phrasing, and she accompanies herself well--no mean feat. Writing original material is tough, but again she scores. Lots of sturdy songs here. I think "Glad Yo Do" may be my fave. This is a very well recorded album.
Robert Baird, Stereophile (Nov 15, 2006)
July 3rd, 2007

You should know I’m letting go, letting go of your hand
I can see you don’t need me so let go cuz you can

There’s no stopping your train once it leaves the station
A champagne-soaking celebration
I’m trying hard not to cry
But I feel the stinging in my eyes

And when you leave I will not grieve
I’ll find a smile and wear it
You’re everything I hoped you’d be
Go find your trail and blaze it

You should know I’m letting go, letting go of your hand
I can see you don’t need me so let go cuz you can

Margaret MacDonald - Singer Songwriter Mom

Last winter, listening to Pandora, I fell in love with this woman’s songs, her voice, her lyrics, her emotions, what she evoked in me. I bought her CD Rain on the Roof from CD Baby. It is one of those CDs that I listen to over and over and over and over and it feels so soothing. I don’t buy much music - I am still not over spending hundreds of dollars on LPs and then buying that same music on tapes, and then buying that same music on CDs and now the thought of paying to have that music on MP3s doesn’t appeal. I don’t listen to a lot of “new” music. Most of what I hear on Pandora I ignore or fast forward through - but each time Margaret’s songs came up, I found myself stopping and listening.

I visited her website and found I could listen to most of her songs - no strings attached. I imagined her as generous and trusting that the multiverse reaches out to support artists who are generous. I am sensitive to how hard it is to make a living wage as an artist and that we need to honor and pay our artists. But my stomach clenches when artists spend more energy trying to keep people from experiencing their work than they do creating it.

With Margaret - I had a sense of being welcomed into her world. I bought her CD. So I guess this says something about me - not sure what - and says something about her - not sure what. But I am sure there is a synergy between her talent and generosity and my need to have beautiful music in my life.

The snippet of the above song is for her son as he leaves for college. It really touches me - my son is gone for three weeks, home for one, then gone for three more this summer and I am missing him - but also not missing him. I see him running in a pack of other teens who are supporting his emerging self and he is happy! When he is not happy, he doesn’t have parents worrying about what is wrong - instead he has peers to talk to - young men and women who “get” him.

So, dear sweet son of mine: Go find your trail and blaze it!
Hearing Margaret MacDonald play the piano and sing her songs, I immediately feel transported to a place where every note is what I want it to be and where lyrics deliver the emotional impact the melodies deserve. This is exceptional talent combined with well honed craft.
Harriet Schock, Platinum songwriter and recording artist (Nov 5, 2006)
Annette Conlon, DJ presenter of Nette Radio recently played three of my songs on her weekly internet radio program. "Your songs have resonated in my head and have touched my heart!!" -Annette Conlon
Annette Conlon, DJ - Nette Radio (Jan 17, 2007)
"Here's a song from a very talented songwriter from was so good I decided to play it again"
Iain Anderson - BBC Radio Scotland
"Thanks for your beautiful music. I picked cuts #1, #4, #5, and #9. Keep up the great work." (Laney Goodman, Women on Air:

Other radio play for this CD includes Juliette Reidl, KCLAfm, and Lite FM in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom.
Laney Goodman - Radio station dj